The big data world is a big deal.

Companies like Amazon and Google are pushing the envelope of what can be done with data, but even the most advanced of them, like Google, are having trouble figuring out how to get their hands on it.

But one of the most interesting startups is one of those companies that’s doing just that, and it’s called Big Data Francais.

The company’s CEO, Jean-Michel Boulay, recently spoke with TechCrunch about how his company is trying to shake up the data revolution.

Boulray is also the founder of the French startup Datacompanix, which is developing a service that can help companies store and analyse large amounts of data, and a platform for businesses to make and sell data to clients.

He told TechCrunch that Datacombinix will work with a range of businesses, including banks, health-care companies, and social networks.

But it will also work with startups that are interested in data analytics and other things that can be used for data science.

The service that Boulays company is developing is called Big Dataset.

It’s a tool that can work with databases like MongoDB and Cassandra, and Big Datashare that will let companies process and analyze data using analytics techniques.

In the case of the banks, the database could be a financial market data set, and the analytics would take into account how much money the banks have to spend, and how much they could borrow.

Big Datasets can be useful for banks that need to know how much cash is in the bank, for example.

In that case, it could help the bank make decisions about how much to lend to a particular customer.

But Boulais said that the more interesting use cases for Big Datassets will come from other areas.

Big Dataseets can allow a company to process big amounts of information like stock prices, sales figures, or even weather forecasts and traffic data, he said.

Companies can also use Big Datasedisets to monitor health-related data, like temperature, cholesterol levels, and even blood sugar levels.

The more accurate a Big Dataser, the better the data can be analyzed.

The most interesting application that Bontay is planning is for the health-tech industry.

Big Data Français could be used by health-science companies to provide predictive models that predict the risk of a disease like diabetes or heart disease.

A company like Datacome might also use the data to help them improve their processes, such as how often a product is tested and tested well.

Big data could also be used to help researchers understand how different drugs work, for instance.

But there are many other applications that Big Datases could be useful in as well.

For instance, Big Datats could be helpful for companies that want to help businesses build better products.

Big Data Francas team has already worked with some of the biggest companies in the tech world.

Google and Amazon, both big players in the field of big data, have invested in the company, and Datacoms head, Jean Philippe, is also a former Google employee.

Big data has been gaining popularity in Europe.

It has become a popular buzzword for the industry as companies start to use big data to build products and services that are smarter, more efficient, and more accurate.

But the big-data revolution is not happening everywhere, and many countries are still struggling to catch up.

BigData Francais is aiming to change that.

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