The U.S. beer industry is gearing up to make big data a big part of its strategy to beat the global beer industry.

The beer industry has long been at the forefront of big data to help marketers find customers.

And this week, the big data revolution could help craft beer drinkers and breweries make their way into the big leagues of beer.

Beer Week, the largest beer trade show in the world, will bring more than 200 brewers from the world’s largest brewers, retailers and distributors to the Capitol for the first time in 20 years.

The event will feature the annual International Beer Summit, which showcases the industry’s top breweries and craft beer.

On Tuesday, the Brewers Association of America and Brewers Association for America, the trade group representing the nation’s largest beer makers, will hold a big data summit in Washington, D.C. That event, which will include more than 150 industry experts, is scheduled to run through Friday.

In a big beer battle, it will be the beer industry that will be trying to prove that it can match the global craft beer movement.

But even with the industry poised to make significant gains, the brewers are facing challenges, especially from rivals.

In fact, the U.K. brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev is moving ahead with a move that could cost brewers thousands of jobs.

The company plans to relocate its headquarters in the U-K to the Uptown area, close its European brewing operations and eliminate nearly 300 jobs in the brewing industry.

That move, however, is being met with skepticism by some craft brewers who believe the move will cause them to lose customers and raise prices for drinkers.

BeerWeek, the annual trade show, is a major showcase of the world of craft beer, a genre that has grown dramatically in recent years.

But the beer world has been struggling to compete with the rising popularity of wine, which is increasingly available on grocery store shelves.

In recent years, craft beer has seen a dramatic shift from its traditional niche to a new, global consumer demographic.

A beer is a bottle of beer, and it can be sold in many places, from bars and restaurants to convenience stores.

The craft beer industry, meanwhile, is largely comprised of craft breweries.

They typically produce about 10% of the nations total output.

The rest is made up of larger companies.

The craft beer market is worth $20 billion, or $4 billion per craft brewery, according to research firm Euromonitor.

That number has increased by nearly 60% in the past five years.

“The craft brewery is the fastest growing segment of the beer market,” said Andrew Fagan, an analyst with IBISWorld.

“That’s going to continue to drive up beer prices.”

As a result, craft breweries are looking to craft beer to compete.

And craft beer is one of the few industries that is seeing its share of growth.

Craft breweries are spending more than $40 billion a year to grow their business.

Craft beer is booming in the United States.

In 2015, craft brewers made up 10% to 20% of total beer sales, according the Brewers Union, which represents the nation\’s largest craft brewers.

This year, the craft industry is forecast to grow by almost 50% to $4.3 billion.

The trend has not gone unnoticed by the beer trade, which has become increasingly competitive in recent decades.

As more consumers drink their beer in restaurants and bars, the industry is looking for ways to increase sales.

In recent years and in the last few years, the number of craft brewers has grown significantly, said Brian Condon, the president and chief executive officer of The Beer Institute, a trade group for the craft beer and wine industries.

He expects craft breweries to make up nearly a third of the market by 2025.

The brewers are not alone.

About 50 craft breweries and their brands are growing at double-digit rates.

These include brands such as Dogfish Head, Rogue, Stone, Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas and Coors.

In total, more than a dozen of the top 20 craft breweries in the country are in the craft category, according.

A recent study by The Beer Industry Group, a research and advisory firm, found that the U,S.

craft beer economy will grow by $50 billion to $75 billion by 2025, and the craft brewers will account for 10% or more of the industry.

The report estimates that the beer and cider market will be worth $10.3 trillion by 2025 and be worth about $12.5 trillion by 2030.

The impact of these trends will be felt by the brewers, who are competing against the bigger breweries.

And the beer companies are already working hard to counter the growing impact.

The breweries are investing millions of dollars to get ahead of craft trends and are hiring and training staff to help with that.

Many of these new hires are looking for more experience and are ready to take on the new challenges that are on the horizon.

The U.N. Food and

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