The Big Data postgraduate course is a five-week intensive, three-month intensive program for people interested in pursuing the careers of Big Data researchers and technologists.

It covers everything from machine learning to artificial intelligence and deep learning. 

The first three weeks of the program involve a combination of online and face-to-face lectures, workshops and hands-on labs, all aimed at creating a deeper understanding of the Big Data research process. 

It is meant to be a gateway to a career in Big Data, and is offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

If you want to apply, you need to be able to provide an official transcript and an official letter of intent.

The course is open to anyone with a postgraduate degree in a computer science, engineering or mathematics, as well as an interest in Big Text and Data Science. 

A new postgraduate programme on top of the existing Big Data master’s degree in a field of the study of big and deep data and analytics is available to new graduates at the University of Melbourne. 

This program will train graduates in data science, analytics, machine learning, big data, and data architecture. 

To apply, students will have to submit a letter of application, a thesis and a CV. 

Graduates are also eligible to work at companies like Google, IBM, IBM Watson, and Oracle. 

More than half of postgraduate students are women. 

There is a strong focus on the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to tackle problems in Big Datascience. 

As the course develops, there will be a focus on applying deep learning techniques to Big Data and data analytics. 

 If the postgraduate program is successful, it could be the first of its kind to train postgraduate researchers in big data. 

[Related article: A guide to the new post graduate course at Melbourne University]The new postgrad program is open to students at all levels, from postgraduates at university to postgradents with advanced degrees in a related field. 

“We are very excited about the opportunities for postgraduation students to apply to our new post doctoral program,” said Andrew Krumholz, Associate Professor of Computing and Computer Science at Melbourne.

“We believe that this will be the most significant post graduate program in the UK in terms of both research and education outcomes. 

We’re really excited about this programme and the opportunities it provides postgraduate students, and are confident that it will provide an opportunity to develop their research skills and apply their skills in a way that will provide a competitive advantage for post graduate students.”

[Related articles: The best job-specific coding apps for job seekers] The University of Queensland is the only Australian university to offer the post graduate programme in Big-Data and Big Data Analytics. 

“[This] will give us the opportunity to expand our program and create a new, more focused post graduate curriculum in this area,” Associate Professor Krumho says. 

In the last two years, the University has added more than 300 new post graduates, many of whom have gone on to become researchers at IBM, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Microsoft Research and other big tech firms. 

But it’s not just the university that is investing in the Big-Tech world. 

Last year, the UK government announced the formation of a government-funded Big Data Centre in the City of London. 

And the University will be building its own Big Data lab, and developing a new Big Data training programme for postgraduate PhD students. 

Big Data is booming. 

Its importance to our economy is clear, and its impact on our daily lives and culture will only increase. 

What do you think about the new Big-Dive course at University of Manchester?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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