Washington, DC — Big data isn’t the only new frontier in cybersecurity.

As the technology becomes more pervasive and the costs of securing the data rise, the threat of data breaches is becoming more and more pronounced, according to a new report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM).

The NASEM released its report titled “The Future of Big Data and Cybersecurity: A Path to a Better Cybersecurity Future” on Wednesday.

The report comes as cybersecurity companies like Microsoft and Symantec continue to battle a wave of cyberattacks, most notably the recent breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) where thousands of people’s data was stolen.

The researchers say that the data breaches are a “wake-up call” to ensure data security is not compromised, even if it means losing some jobs.

“We’ve got to be vigilant, but we’ve also got to take advantage of the opportunities that big data has created to better serve the public interest,” said Daniel A. Schwartz, chair of the NASEM Board of Directors and a professor of computer science and computer science at the University of Texas at Austin.

Schwartz said that while big data presents challenges for cybersecurity companies, the solutions available today are better than those of the past.

The problem, Schwartz said, is that many organizations have a “loose set of priorities” that have led to “misinformation and disinformation” in the cyber arena. 

The NASE report notes that cybersecurity companies are focused on three key areas of cybersecurity: security, attribution, and prevention.

“For all the talk about protecting our critical infrastructure, cybersecurity is not just a defense industry issue, but an issue that impacts everyone in society,” said A.J. Levesque, chairman and CEO of the Center for the Study of Digital Democracy at the NASE.

If we don’t do our part to protect ourselves, then the private benefit of this infrastructure will go down the drain.” “

The first is the public good, the second is the private good.

If we don’t do our part to protect ourselves, then the private benefit of this infrastructure will go down the drain.”

In addition to cybersecurity, the report recommends that organizations consider other ways to secure data, such as using encryption, using “secure data” as an alternative to encrypted messaging, and protecting the content of communications.

“Big data has the potential to change the way people work and live, so we need to ensure we have clear guidelines and rules to protect them,” said Levesques chair.

The study also notes that companies must take steps to ensure their users are protected from the effects of cyberattack.

“To protect users from cyberattacks that could compromise their data, businesses must adopt appropriate cybersecurity controls,” the report says.

“A cybersecurity system is not a silver bullet; it is a tool to make sure that users and businesses can move forward without compromising their data.”

Schwicks report will be released on March 13.

The report is part of the National Association for Public Policy Research’s 2016 Cybersecurity Agenda.

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