Tinder’s big data platform is about to get bigger.

The dating app is going to hire 100,000 new people and launch a new advertising network that will offer ads that are tailored specifically to women and girls.

Tinder CEO Sean Rad is calling the new initiative a “trendsetter.”

Tinder says that, by 2020, the company will have over 300 million active users.

And, Rad is hoping to get a lot of them to use the platform in France.

“We are excited about how the platform can be used to help people build and grow a larger, more authentic and powerful community,” he said in a press release.

Tinder has been doing this in the US for a while, but this new strategy is going a step further, aiming to become a global player.

Rad told the Financial Times that the goal is to build a platform that “gives women and women of color access to more powerful and relevant data.”

Tinder’s platform, launched last year, has over 300 billion user interactions and is used by more than 20 million people.

Tinder’s biggest competitor in the market is LINE, which launched its platform last year.

LINE has more than 200 million users.

Tinder is looking to be a leader in data sharing, and will help users get more information on their matches and other aspects of their lives, Rad said.

Tinder plans to introduce ads that have been tailored to specific genders.

Rad said that they are aiming to get more women on Tinder and also more women to use their dating apps in the future.

Tinder also said it will start to work with some big data brokers and data analytics firms, such as Google, Amazon, and IBM, to help them better understand how users interact with their dating sites.

Tinder says it will continue to expand its advertising platform, adding an additional 3 million advertisers.

Tinder will be the first app to use a data analytics tool called BigQuery, which uses data from a variety of sources to improve ads.

Tinder expects that by 2020 the platform will have “more than 300 million” users.

That’s more than any other dating app.

The company said that its “most popular user segment,” which includes women, is around 18% of users.

But, Tinder said that it will also be working with a number of third-party dating sites and companies, including Match.com, iDate, Tinder Bazaar, Tinder Meetup, and more.

Tinder hopes to work more closely with partners like Match.

“The Tinder platform is designed to allow users to find and connect with like-minded people, and the platform also allows users to easily create their own profiles,” Rad said in the press release, adding that it also hopes to help users better understand their interactions with their partners.

Tinder said it has also built in a number, “beauty filters” to help “make Tinder more attractive for men.”

Tinder is also looking to make its ads more relevant to women.

The platform is trying to improve the way that advertisers can target ads to women, Rad told Bloomberg Businessweek.

Tinder wants to make the ads more specific to women in particular.

“In the future, we will have a more focused approach to how we deliver ads to specific audiences,” Rad added.

“That will allow us to better target ads in specific categories.”

Tinder will also work to improve its messaging app, Tinder, which is now in beta and is in the middle of an overhaul.

Tinder announced this week that it plans to merge the messaging app with its dating app in a move that will allow users the option to use Tinder on their phone, tablet, or computer.

Tinder users who already have Tinder will have the ability to add new users to their account and receive updates on new users.

The app will also offer new features for users who are using the Tinder app on their phones, tablet or computer, including better detection of the location of users, as well as a feature that lets users check if a user has been matched with a match, which will let Tinder know if they’re ready to start chatting.

Tinder added a new option to the messaging menu, which lets users filter the messaging by user profile and other settings.

Tinder was able to work on a big data strategy that’s geared toward women and people of color because it has been built around women, according to Rad.

“Women are the most valuable users of data, and our platform helps them get to know their friends and see how people are interacting with them,” he told the FT.

“This is a big opportunity for us because women are already our biggest customers.”

Tinder also hopes that it can help people create better relationships and make it easier to find them.

Tinder aims to help the company “find a partner that fits their style, interests, and interests,” according to the press conference.

“Tinder is a great place to meet and start a relationship,” Tinder CEO Jeremy Stoppelman told the Times.

“When we were creating Tinder,

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