The industry is grappling with a big data challenge.

Its members are working to keep up with it.

In the past few months, there have been a number of major innovations in Big Data analytics, particularly in the area of the pharma industry, which has grown by about 400 percent since 2000.

It’s also had to contend with the arrival of new technologies that are altering the way we do business.

Big data has been at the center of the pharmaceutical industry since the mid-2000s, when Big Pharma was looking for ways to increase the speed at which it could identify new drug treatments.

Today, pharmaceutical companies have developed some of the world’s largest and most powerful Big Data teams.

These teams are dedicated to gathering data on every facet of medicine, from the way patients interact with physicians to the medications that are prescribed.

This data allows the companies to make more informed decisions about which drugs to use and which to stop treating.

And it can also help doctors, too.

“Big Data has really transformed medicine,” says Dr. Paul Schubert, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health who studies pharmaceuticals.

“It has really helped us with how we interact with patients, how we evaluate patients, and the way in which we do research,” he says.

“And it’s changing medicine, which is something that really hasn’t changed in many decades.”

Here are the key trends in the pharmaceutical field:The new way of doing things.

Big data has revolutionized how medicine is conducted.

The pharma companies are spending more time and resources on Big Data because it allows them to track every single patient and every single dose of a drug, as well as the entire course of a disease.

“We’ve really been moving away from traditional prescribing models and the notion of prescribing a pill at the beginning of the day, at the end of the night, and then getting out of bed and doing it,” says Scott Sargent, chief strategy officer at Amgen.

“The new paradigm is that you can get out of the office and get the medication and do it in the morning.”

For pharmaceutical companies, this new paradigm means more collaboration, more data collection and more information about how the medicine works in the body.

“This has really opened up our data set to us,” says Schuber.

“We’re able to look at everything, everything is available, all the data that we have is available and the data is being aggregated into the right place.”

“The pharmaceutical industry is really focused on Big Pharma,” says Daniel Krawitz, a pharma executive who runs a new data and analytics firm called Synergy Analytics.

“They want to collect all the information they can about their business and all the insights they can.”

The industry is trying to change its approach to Big Data.

“The pharma community has moved away from an old, old model of how to use Big Data,” says Sargant.

“It’s really been a new paradigm of how we think about Big Data, and it’s something that the industry is very cognizant of.”

What it means for Big Pharma.

Big Pharma is a big business, with revenues of about $4.5 trillion.

The pharmaceutical industry employs about 3 million people in the United States.

“Big Pharma has the resources to be in a position where they can build this data, and to do the work to build this knowledge base,” says Krawtz.

“If they can leverage the Big Data opportunity, they can take the data and put it in place that will allow them to develop a better drug.”

The data will then help them develop better medicines, and will help the industry achieve its long-term goals, including drug discovery and pricing.

Big Pharma is not the only industry to be grappling with the new data paradigm.

In 2016, the European Union’s top drug regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, released a report that described a massive shift in the way the pharmaceutical business is conducted in the coming years.

“There is a new emphasis on Big data, which means we need to be better at making our data more accessible,” said the report.

“More information will allow us to improve the way that we treat patients and improve the safety and effectiveness of our drugs.”

The new model will allow Big Pharma to build up a larger data set than ever before, allowing it to track the entire history of a medication and to develop better drugs to treat those diseases.

The data will also help the company develop better treatments, helping it find better ways to get more people to the doctor, and helping the pharmaceutical companies save money on the drug.

In addition to Big Pharma, there are also smaller, independent companies that are building Big Data-based businesses that are also trying to improve their business models.

The biggest one, Pharmacovigilence, is working to help hospitals diagnose drug-resistant infections.

Pharmacovigilences team is focused on the most serious,

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