The cloud-computing giant is about for a big splash with a new initiative to boost its Big Data platform, Azure Big.

The company is bringing together three big players in the big data space: Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

Microsoft will lead the initiative with Azure Big and the announcement was made at its first-ever Data Summit in San Francisco.

“Azure Big data is the future.

We have built the world’s first cloud data platform that allows you to combine and visualize huge amounts of data.

Our platform will be a true democratization of data,” said Bill Barr, chief architect and general manager at Microsoft.SAP is also joining the Azure Big group, which will create the Azure Cloud Platform, a platform for big data applications and services.”

Today, we’re working on the Azure cloud platform to accelerate the adoption of big data in the cloud.

Our work will accelerate Azure Big data to the next level, enabling companies to better leverage their data, more effectively manage their business and make better use of it,” said Eric Schmidt, SAP’s global head of business development.”

We’re excited about the Azure Platform and our ability to deliver on the vision of Big Data for the cloud and in the enterprise,” said Andy Baker, senior vice president of product management at SAP.

The Azure Cloud Group is working to help organizations achieve Big Data success by leveraging the power of the Azure platform and delivering products and services for large scale data analytics, as well as enterprise applications and cloud applications.

In a move that could be seen as a sign of how the Azure team is pushing into the big-data space, SAP announced today it will be joining a consortium to build Azure Cloud Services, which is expected to provide a suite of Azure services to data and analytics services providers, like SAP.

In the announcement, SAP said it will create a suite that will allow companies to manage and scale their Azure data and analysis services to meet the needs of a growing number of businesses.”SAP’s participation in this initiative aligns us with the Azure vision of creating a platform that enables companies to achieve BigData success, while providing them with a way to scale their cloud and application workloads to meet customers’ requirements for increased agility and scale,” said Robert J. Anderson, SAP Global Head of Business Development.

“We look forward to working with the group as we accelerate the delivery of Azure Cloud Service to our clients.”

For more news on the cloud, watch Fortune’s Video: The Cloud: What You Need to Know

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