The big data world has been around for decades and it is still in its infancy, but big data could be the next big thing for book publishers.

It is a huge market, and publishers have to work hard to stay ahead.

The Big Book Publishers Association (BBPA) says big data and machine learning are being used to build an industry-wide marketing plan.

It’s an ambitious plan, and one that could potentially take the industry by storm.

The BBPA says its new plan will take data to the next level.

The organization is looking to build a global network of data experts to help guide the industry.

The plan includes a focus on big data, analytics and big data consulting.

The biggest benefit to the industry is the ability to leverage data to target specific audiences, with analytics being the primary tool.

It also gives publishers an advantage in building personalized campaigns.

“Data can be very powerful.

It can help us identify trends, it can help with customer acquisition, it’s just a really powerful tool to be able to engage your audience,” said Jeff Schoen, vice president of marketing at The Penguin Group.

The plan will also include a focus of making book publishers more accessible.

The goal is to give them the ability of creating personalized content on their own terms.

“It is a big step forward for book publishing.

It has always been a tough job, and I think it’s only going to get harder,” said Schoen.”

I think it will be a really big year for book and book publisher,” said Cale Leung, senior director of marketing for New York publishing giant Penguin Random House.”

We’re really excited to get a lot of these people into the book business.

I think we’re going to be seeing the kind of big data revolution that we’ve never seen before.”

Penguin Random House has long relied on big books to help sell books.

But the publisher said that is changing with big data.

“Big data has the potential to revolutionize book publishing, and that is something that has never been done before in the industry,” said Leung.

Penguins plans to launch the initiative at a few book festivals across the country over the next year.

This includes New York City Book Festival, San Francisco Book Festival and Portland Book Festival.

The goal is also to make it easier for publishers to use big data to improve book content and promote it to new audiences.

The book industry is already facing a lot more data challenges.

As book publishers struggle to figure out what to sell readers, a number of booksellers have already switched to online sales platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Many publishers, like Penguin Random Press, are looking to capitalize on that trend.

“You’re going back to a very different market than we’ve ever been in.

You’re not going to have the same traditional bookstores and bookstores are not going be the same as they used to be.

So it is going to take some significant innovation and some real-time, massive growth to get the book industry back on track,” said Peter Einhorn, publisher and publisher chief innovation officer for Penguin Random.

The company also plans to make some changes to its publishing strategies to help get the best out of its data-driven content.

“The best way to sell a book is to deliver it in the right way.

We have to think about how to deliver our content in the most effective way, so it’s a challenge for us,” said Einhoff.

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