Posted August 15, 2018 08:12:50Big data analytics has become the new frontier of data science, and we’re seeing new techniques like machine learning and machine learning applications take the next big step in the field.

Read moreIn the latest edition of the Trends in Data Science newsletter, we spoke to researchers and practitioners in big data and analytics to find out what they think about the current state of the art.

We asked them about how big data analytics is going and what they’re doing to help keep up with it.

These are some of the biggest trends in data science in 2018So far, we’ve covered some of those trends, and some of what’s happening.

What’s new in 2018The number of people in the US has grown by more than 10 million since 2013, and the number of American jobs has increased by more or less the same amount.

And while we’re certainly not there yet, we’re making steady progress on all those fronts.

There’s more data available to companies and businesses now, and more data is making its way to data scientists.

That means there are more opportunities for researchers, data scientists and software engineers to collaborate with one another.

But the big question is: How do we keep up?

How do we make the most of the data that’s out there?

We don’t have a clear answer yet, but some people are focusing on analytics.

In particular, data science and machine-learning approaches are now becoming the most common tools used in analytics and machine intelligence.

This is a good thing.

We don, however, have a strong set of benchmarks to measure progress.

The most common metrics used to measure analytics progress are the number and quality of datasets generated by the research and analysis community.

It is, however the first time in history that the number has increased significantly in this space.

In addition to this, there are a few big-picture trends happening as well.

One of these is that people are starting to use machine learning techniques in their work.

A lot of data scientists are trying to make use of these techniques and building more sophisticated models for their data.

We’ve also seen a big increase in the number, quality and popularity of the popular open source data visualization tools.

These tools are used to help people visualize data and show it in a more visual way, but they also make it easier to analyze the data in more detail and analyze how it might relate to other factors.

In 2018, the open source tools were used by the US Government and by corporations around the world.

However, the number in 2018 of data visualization projects using these tools is now significantly smaller than in 2018.

There are fewer projects using them than there were in 2018, which is a great thing.

Open source visualization tools are becoming more and more popular in 2018There are many open source visualization frameworks, including some very powerful ones, that are used by a growing number of companies and researchers around the globe.

For example, the data visualization framework OpenResty is used by Google, IBM and other big companies around the planet.

The open source code used in OpenRestyle and OpenRestra, which are open source toolkits, is used in many other open source projects.

OpenRESTra is used widely by many companies in India, China, and South Africa.

We also see this trend of companies using tools like OpenDataMap, OpenRethrow, and OpenDataCura, which can make use, for example, of Google’s deep learning and artificial neural network (CNN) models.

There are other open data visualization frameworks that are also popular in the market.

OpenStack and OpenNets are used in a wide variety of projects.

We have also seen, which allows users to use data from companies and organizations around the web.

OpenSource.IO, for instance, allows companies to download the source code for many OpenSource projects.

The OpenSource project is the basis for many open-source projects, and companies often use it as a reference to build their own projects using the same software.

This trend is only going to accelerate in the coming years.

We can expect open source frameworks like OpenRettest and OpenGraph to become more popular.

OpenSource has also seen the rise of open source collaborative software.

These are tools for teams to work together on projects, which could be useful for anyone looking to get their hands on some data from the open internet.

Data visualization tools can be used to analyze and analyze dataMore and more companies are using machine learning methods to analyze data.

For instance, Google recently made a big deal out of the fact that its deep learning models can learn to recognize human faces.

Google’s research team is also using machine-vision techniques to train their own deep learning algorithms, and a lot of companies are now using machine vision as a way to analyze their data and understand their users.

For many companies, machine learning can be useful to understand how users use their products, and how

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