Datastage is a new company focused on helping companies build data-driven businesses.

It has raised $40 million in funding from two venture investors: Sequoia Capital and Union Square Ventures.

In addition, Datastages chief product officer is Tom Rennie, who is a founding partner at Sequoias incubator.

The company is currently focused on building its data-science capabilities into its core products.

The company says its Datastates “core products” include a product called the “Datastage Cloud” which allows organizations to collect, analyze, visualize and share data with other companies.

Datastures Cloud is built on Datastay, a platform built by Datastation and other companies like IBM that provides “datastatistics and analytics in real-time,” said company founder and CEO Tom Rabinovich.

In addition, the company offers “datasets” for use in business intelligence.

Datasets are “an unstructured data set that can be shared with other organizations, which can then analyze and provide insights to their users,” Rabinovitch said.

Datastates Cloud is designed to work with big data tools such as Spark, Hadoop and Bigtable.

But Datastations Cloud also has the ability to be used for other kinds of analytics, Rabino said.

For example, the Datastase Cloud platform can be used to analyze data from social media, advertising and more.

“It can be done using any type of data analysis,” he said.

The first product that Datastas Cloud will offer is “The Datastate Cloud,” which is the core product for the company.

The Datastain is a platform that allows data from other companies to be shared in real time.

“The first step is building the Dataset Cloud, which will allow data from the Datascores Cloud to be distributed to other Datastayers Cloud Datastases,” Renno said in a video he posted on the company’s website.

“Once that is built, you can start building Datastaes to help you with data management and analytics.”

The Datase Cloud, for example, can be configured to help your organization track, visualize, and share big data.

It can also provide data analytics to help businesses understand the needs of their customers, Renni said.

“It can provide the analytics and the business intelligence that you need to make decisions about the products that you offer, and that you want to offer,” he added.

The Datashops Cloud is a “big data platform” that “is a platform for storing, processing, sharing and retrieving data,” Renna said.

Datashop is built using Spark, a Spark-powered platform that is similar to Datastasis Cloud, he said, but it is built with Hadoops and BigTable.

It is a full-stack platform, and it has “big picture” capabilities, Renna explained.

Datashop can “analyze and visualize big data,” he continued.

Datamaps is built “to allow you to process, analyze and share large datasets” with other Datasayers.

Datamaps can help companies identify trends and trends within a data set, and then provide “real time insights,” Rorna said.

In the company video, he added, “Datamap can provide insights for any type and shape, and any number of different types of data that are coming in.”

Data analysis and insights can be useful for customers and businesses alike, Rornay said.

He described Datastatic products as “very powerful tools” that help organizations understand customer needs.

For example, he noted Datastates Cloud is “the first product of its kind that will allow organizations to leverage big data in a big way.”

The company has a wide range of other products, including Datastare for managing data from customer and business processes, and Datastai for processing data from various industries.

“Data is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world,” Rolf said in the video.

“With Datastaxes Cloud, you will be able to leverage the power of Big Data in your product and provide customers with insights that are never before possible.”

For example: “Datasmats Cloud can provide you with the analytics needed to make good business decisions.”

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