By Mark GaffneyRTE is one of the few media companies that can boast of a big data workforce, with around 10,000 employees in data science, business analytics, analytics and marketing, and more than 50,000 data analysts.

But the company has had to fight to get it to thrive in a digital world where more than 70 per cent of all content on the internet is now shared by mobile devices, and its workforce is becoming increasingly fragmented.

In order to stay competitive, RTE has developed a new way of recruiting big data and artificial intelligence talent, and the results have been remarkable.

Mark GaffeyRTE has created the first-ever digital workforce where data is considered, and is actively used, to drive digital content for all platformsRTE Chief Technology Officer Mark Gafferty has made a big impact in the company’s digital transformation with the creation of a digital workforce that has now become the foundation for the company to thrive.

Gafferkey said the digital transformation was driven by two factors.

First, RTV had to adapt to a rapidly changing world, and secondly, RTe needed to find talent in a fast-changing market.RTE said it now has over 10,700 employees in a global workforce of nearly 40,000.

The workforce has grown rapidly, with nearly 60 per cent coming from digital, and in-house talent is now in place across the company.

RTE now employs almost a third of the company staff in digital, with more than a quarter in the research and development areas.

The majority of these roles are in a high-growth space like analytics and business intelligence, which Gafferry said were “at the forefront of the evolution of digital media”.RTE CEO Simon Davenport said RTE’s data science and analytics staff has seen a “significant growth”, with its team now having a “global footprint”.

“We’ve made great progress with data analytics, and with RTV’s digital workforce, it’s made us the fastest-growing data science & engineering team in the country,” Davenpointe said in a statement.

“We’re constantly growing our RTE team and with the talent we have now, we can bring on-the-job training to our entire team, which we’re doing at RTV.”

“The data science teams are leading the way in the digital content creation sector,” he added.

Gafferty said the shift to big data had been driven by RTE recognising that big data has the potential to change the way we consume and work.

“This is the first time we have the opportunity to build a digital digital workforce in which data is valued, and we have to do this in a way that’s inclusive and sustainable,” he said.

“RTE believes that data science will play a critical role in our digital future.””

Mark GafferneyRTV’s Chief Technology officer said he was “blown away” by the success of the RTE digital workforce.””

RTE believes that data science will play a critical role in our digital future.”

Mark GafferneyRTV’s Chief Technology officer said he was “blown away” by the success of the RTE digital workforce.

“The people who work here are doing some of the most important work we do in the media space,” he told the RTV Technology Summit.

RTV said it was “impossible to do it any other way”.”RTE’s digital strategy is built around a fundamental belief that digital talent should be available to all. “

In terms of the recruitment process, it was really phenomenal.”

As a media company, we believe in and value diversity,” Gaffersey said. “

It’s a strategy that is driven by the desire to ensure our staff are supported to work across multiple disciplines and in different industries.”RTE also said it had created a “digital recruitment process that encourages diversity, inclusion and inclusivity”.

“As a media company, we believe in and value diversity,” Gaffersey said.

“That’s why we’re investing in the hiring of a diverse and diverse workforce to ensure we continue to be a great digital company.”

As our digital transformation continues, we will continue to invest in our workforce to keep pace with the changing landscape.”RTe has the capability and ambition to deliver the digital revolution our customers have been looking for.”

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