The Big Data architecture, which is transforming how companies think about and interact with data, has opened up new possibilities for the company behind Google’s self-driving cars.

The company has been working on a system that can use big data to analyse what’s going on in the car and how it responds to obstacles.

“Big data is transforming what we do,” Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said in a conference call with analysts on Tuesday.

“What we’re seeing now is a revolution in how we think about our data.”

In this picture, a Google self-drive car can see and hear the environment around it, and it can follow traffic patterns.

Image: Google / Rob Clutton-BrockThe Big Data system will be used to monitor traffic and provide feedback on what’s happening around the car, for example.

It’s not the first time Google has used big data in a car.

The search giant has used data from its maps-driven Google Earth and Google Street View to help drivers navigate their way around the city.

Google also developed a system to analyse the traffic patterns of the road before the new self-propelled cars arrive.

It will be able to give traffic-light guidance, for instance, if a car that’s ahead of the traffic is overtaking one that’s behind.

The new system will also analyse what happens when a car’s camera is turned on, which will help it determine if there’s a danger.

It also will have an eye on what happens on the road, such as pedestrians crossing and a driver who fails to turn on his or her hazard lights.

This is all part of a broader vision for Google that has focused on the way the company makes the world a better place.

“We want to be a good steward of our own data,” Picha said.

“When we see an accident, or a crime, or an accident and we need to know why it happened, we need the right data.

We need to see that crime is happening, and we want to know if it’s happening in a safe way.” 

The self-driven cars Google plans to develop are designed to travel between cities and can be driven without the use of human drivers, meaning the cars can operate autonomously without the help of human intervention. 

The new system is part of Google’s broader drive to be smarter and more efficient, and Google says the cars will be cheaper and less complicated to build.

Google said the cars’ autonomous driving capabilities are designed around the company’s Big Data technology, which allows it to understand the data it collects.

“There are three ways we use data: as input to software, as input into sensors, or as output to algorithms,” Google said. 

“The most basic example is in the self-flying car.

Our cars are able to map the world around them, and map our own environment.” 

“If we want cars to follow the road around the world, it’s important to be able, for the most part, to see if the roads are clear.

If there’s traffic in the roads, or the traffic isn’t clear, that will tell us if the car needs to make a turn or change course.” 

The systems also need to be accurate.

Google has been developing the systems for its cars for about a decade, and its mapping technology, called ImageNet, has been used for years to map parts of the world.

Google says its self-controlled cars are much more reliable, which means they can be operated more safely. 

Google said the car that will be developed for the self drive will be smaller than the self driving cars that are already on the market.

“The bigger cars are going to be used for the highway, but they’ll also be used on the city streets, the city sidewalks, the pedestrian areas,” Google told analysts. 

Big Data is also a major part of the way Google is building the car.

It is being used to improve the way that Google’s cars drive around the roads.

“One of the most important things we’ve done for autonomous driving is to improve how we can make decisions,” Google CEO Sundar pichai told analysts on the call.

“If we think we can get a car to the right place and to the next place, and the car is smart enough, and then we get the right speed and the right braking, that means the car’s going to get there faster and more safely.”

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