The Fia, a large data analytics company, has joined forces with big data analytics firm DataForce to create Datastages, an initiative aimed at making big data and big data culture more open and collaborative.

The partnership comes at a time when big data is becoming more of a global phenomenon, with the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon all deploying their own data to make their products and services even more powerful.

DataForce’s Datastates will allow users to see how their data is being used across multiple companies’ platforms, and use this data to enhance their business.

“Datastages is an open source platform that will allow anyone to collaborate with data and build powerful business intelligence, and make their data and business analytics more useful to customers,” Fia chief executive, Christian Mottl, said in a statement.

“By making data more accessible, open and transparent, we will provide our customers with the tools to create their business with the best possible insight.”

Datastage will be available for developers and customers to access in the coming weeks.

The Datastagem will be integrated with Fia’s Fia Cloud Platform, a cloud platform that powers companies across the world’s largest data centers.

“Our data and analytics teams are building on our previous collaborations with DataForce and Datastain, which has enabled us to build a new kind of collaboration platform that combines big data with big datastage,” Mottli said.

“With Datastager, we are bringing together two of the industry’s most innovative technology companies to offer customers the tools they need to build and manage their data better.”

DataForce co-founder and CEO David Stiehl said Datastaging was part of the company’s drive to create a more open platform for data, and the two companies were keen to collaborate on Datastate.

“The combination of Datastade and Fia allows companies to build the data analytics they need with ease, while still being accessible to their customers,” Stiella said.

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