The number of people working in big data jobs is growing fast, but it remains difficult to accurately measure how many are employed.

The industry is so competitive that it is not easy to find the right data to track employment growth.

Big data jobs are now increasingly a concern for many industries, such as banking, health care, and government.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France, and Australia are the top five biggest employers in big-data jobs in 2017.

But the data is often fuzzy and poorly structured.

As the jobs for which data is available is increasingly being used by government and industry, the data that exists has to be used more judiciously.

In order to help consumers understand what the job requirements are for these types of jobs, the Federal Reserve created the Big Data Job Survey (BJS).

This survey was developed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

The survey provides a snapshot of how much data the Federal Government, industry, and academia is using.

The survey is based on a set of questions that provide a snapshot in time of how many job requirements the Federal government, industry and academia are using for Big Data.

While the survey is intended to provide data on the number of jobs and requirements in each industry, it also gives a glimpse into the way data is being used across industries.

For example, while data analytics is a large part of the job market, it is also important to note that there are many other types of data, such like social media, which have a much smaller impact on job demand than Big Data and data analytics.

To find the most current job requirements for Big-Data jobs, we asked the data providers in each country to provide an estimate of the jobs needed to meet the requirements for each job type.

In addition, the survey provided estimates of the average number of employees in each occupation needed to perform the job.

For a list of the companies and organizations that responded, we also provided the number needed to run a company in each job category.

This data provided an estimate that the average employee needed to work for a Big Data company is 9.3.

This is in line with the amount of data being used.

For instance, Google’s workforce was 10.4 employees when the Big-Dots data survey was conducted.

In contrast, the average salary for a software engineer is $68,800.

Data from the BJS survey suggests that the Big data job market is worth $2.3 trillion annually.

In 2018, Big Data job demand is expected to reach $3.1 trillion.

This indicates that there will be nearly 1.3 billion jobs that need to be filled with Big Data data by 2020.

While there are currently many more jobs available, the industry will be growing rapidly in the coming years.

The Federal Reserve is expecting this trend to continue.

In 2020, the government will be in the process of creating a $10 billion Big Data fund.

The Fund is intended for companies that need Big Data work.

While it will provide funds to companies that have no intention of using Big Data, it will also help companies that are building out Big Data infrastructure.

For more information on the Federal Budget, please visit

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