Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting can help businesses in making best use of technology to achieve their business objectives through professional guidance and advice. It can help businesses improve their performances by analyzing their problems and developing plans to resolve it.

We, at Kanthi Innoskil Advanced Technologies, offer enterprises, startups and other businesses with the practical and bespoke solutions to help them realize their business-goals. We offer technology consulting services by uniting business-processes, requirements with our software development knowhow, experience, expertise and deployment of tailor-made solutions. At Kanthi Innoskil Advanced Technologies, we have a separate team of Senior Project Managers, Technical Architects, Business Analysts and other Technology Experts to assist our clients in implementing enterprise-grade mobile apps.

To name a few technical consultation services we offer:

Offshore Advisory Services

Offshore Development is a tried and testing approach for high-end mobile applications. Organizations across the world have been hiring offshore software developers for several years. However, certain startups, which are not fully aware of the advantages of offshore software development, are apprehensive in seeding capital in offshore software development model. Technology Consulting

Offshore mobile application development brings a lot of advantages. With this model, organizations have advantages like cost-effectiveness, support from the wide pool of technical people, high-end quality, faster turn-around time, and on-time delivery of the project. Some added advantages include maintenance, modification, etc because of technology or trend changes. Kanthi Innoskil Advanced Technologies has ability to kick start a venture with dedicated mobile solutions, services and products. We work with our clients to come up with the best possible implementation of their mobile and web applications.

Business-to-IT Alignment

While translating business objectives and requirements into IT solutions, we try hard to fill the gap between a real-world problem and virtual solution. Our solutions prove to be a handy tool in filling the gap. With Business-to-IT alignment, we help clients achieve their business objectives, improve financial performance and competitiveness. The Technical Architects and Business Analysts at Kanthi Innoskil Advanced Technologies work in collaboration with clients to realize their goals. Kanthi deeply discovers client's IT processes, needs and required aids, and with its strategic approach, helps clients in implementing industrial-grade solutions.

Proof-of-Concept Visualization & Development

There are still many organizations not sure about the benefit they might get from mobile technology. Dedicated mobile technology can be a great help for the prospects, people and partners of an organization. When Innoskil's experts are given opportunity to provide organizations with IT consultancies, they process with building proof of concept / prototypes to test new ideas and utilizing new technologies, by figuring out client's requirements, designing, as well as visualizing the solutions.

Staff Augmentation

When it comes to enterprise-class mobile application development, most businesses do not have suitable in-house technical resources to realize their goals. Deploying in-house resources on temporary basis can further increase the cost of the project. This is where we consult our clients. We help businesses meet the right, dedicated resources for their project requirements and implement our solutions in the most professional manner.