Outsourced Product Development

Businesses are under pressure to decrease their IT budgets due to narrowing profit margins and increasing competitiveness. Now is the time they reinvent themselves to continue with the pace, and changing market needs created by latest trends and technology. This is where the Outsourced Product Development plays a momentous role. More and more businesses around the world are now considering the Outsourced Product Development as one of the most convenient and economical ways to get desired solutions designed, developed, deployed, and also maintained.

Outsourced Product Development also helps businesses widen their profit margin and stay ahead in the competition by implementing innovations in minimum turnaround time as well as preserving in-house capacities for the core activities.

Following are key challenges the Outsourced Product Development is recommended for:

  • No or insufficient availability talents with requisite expertise or specific skill sets
  • High cost of hiring or maintaining skill in-house resources for project/product development
  • Lack of industry standard approach for product development processes
  • Lack of the knowledge industry standard processes and methodologies
  • Limited availability of time
  • Requirement of rapidly increase and decrease resources

Kanthi Innoskil Advanced Technologies offers following Application Outsourced Product Development Services across phases

Product Planning Phase

  • Formulation of idea and defining problem
  • Product Requirements and prototyping

Technology Planning Phase

  • Technology overview & software development plan
  • Infrastructure and operations planning

Product Development Phase

  • Planning the development lifecycle
  • Managing the development lifecycle

Post Development Support Phase

  • Product maintenance
  • Technical support

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