Application Development & Maintenance

Enterprises around the world are quite optimistic with Information Technology. They know how big game changer IT is for businesses. They have invested thousands of dollars in implementing new business solutions and maintaining the existing ones. As of estimations, enterprises invest nearly 60 to 70 percent of IT budget on the maintenance and extending support to existing applications. This helps them create new revenue channels and make their business ready for the future.

Kanthi Innoskil Advanced Technologies provides Application Development and Maintenance services that relieve enterprises of the burden of maintaining their IT infrastructure on their own and spending more than required. We know how to perfectly merge strategy, technology, and business processes so that they help an enterprise get solutions to the challenges of reducing costs, delivering constant improvements, and driving innovations.

Kanthi has spotted the challenges to put excessive load on an organization’s IT budget.

  • Dedicated resources on payroll for application maintenance
  • Administrative overheads related to application maintenance, e.g., workstations, facilities, and training
  • Cost and time necessary to manage applications

What We Offer

Our Application Development and Maintenance Solutions consistently deliver savings and quality, improve process and increase benefits of high shore staffing ratios. We rapidly adopt the methodologies of our clients and start working as their virtual extension of their teams.

Application Design & Development

  • Solution architecture and design services
  • Prototype development services
  • Framework design services
  • Application enhancement services

By and large Kanthi helps enterprise stay ahead of the competition by providing them with the capability of adopting of new technologies enabling agility and improving predictability.

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